The Valente lifestyle starts at home

The Valente lifestyle starts for me right here at home in Washington. I was not at all surprised when Forbes Magazine recently ranked our home state as America’s best state to make a living in 2014.
This is because Washington came in really strong with wages and work environment. And, that is exactly why I love working for Valente!
Leveraging these strengths are core to reaching our mission: Providing great people, ensuring successful projects and encouraging joyful lives. We promote inspired lifestyles by continually working to enhance the most positive working conditions along with great compensation packages.

There are many factors Valente advocates for influencing inspired lifestyles. Of course, for all of us, it starts at a very personal level.

Here are some ways we inspire at Valente:

•  Valuing long term relationships, enjoying the journey with our team and encouraging growth professionally and personally.

•  Focusing on realistic targets, allowing people the freedom to work how they want and allowing people to self-manage.

•  Encouraging, motivating, rewarding and recognizing inspiring actions.

We live this. For example, Valente’s founder and president Patricia Wertheimer recently ran a half-marathon with me (by my side) to support my fitness goal. Who does this? Inspiring people do this.

•  Reaching out to consultants and clients because we care and want to know them.

•  Advancing team results by encouraging collaboration, partnerships and open communications.

•  And my favorite, ensuring people enjoy their work. The best results come from happy people. We know that when people have freedom and flexibility to live their best life – they  can spend their time in a career they love, have time to spend with family, friends, adventures, creating and giving back.

This is totally working for me on a personal level and I am thankful to live and work in such a great place with AMAZING and INSPIRING people!

By Michelle Binkowski, Manager- Operations and Human Resources

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