The warmth and longing for the lingering days of late summer must be savored before embracing the gifts of the fall season. Yes, fall is coming. We are near to the unofficial end of summer when school starts. Can it be that time already? More, please.

This is a perfect time to focus on the take-aways from summer. What gifts did summer bring you this year? What did you stuff in your summer “doggy bag?”

Here are a few of mine:

  1. I have a blank slate. It is the result of spending some free-thinking time brainstorming about work, outside interests, and values. Summer allows me to slow down and take stock to consider what really, truly matters in life. How do I find more joy? That is the ultimate goal. The “air” of late summer always puts me in slow motion. I imagine I am a child again, outdoors, staring at all the beauty of nature that surrounds me. This is a gift because most of the year involves hustling to get things accomplished professionally and personally. The warmer, long summer days show drier landscapes and foliage. The dried, slightly hazy and slow-paced tranquility puts me in a state of reflection and contemplation.
  2. I read a book for fun. It was NOT non-fiction. Any type A personality (among others) will appreciate the effort it takes to force yourself to indulge in non-fiction. It is an “indulgy” sort of thing to do and incredibly therapeutic. BTW… That really needs to be a word.  I’m feeling very indulgy. I will confess, I didn’t actually “read” the book. I listened to it because I’m addicted to Audible. It has been a joy to have someone read to me. My audible stories become my friends in the car and on late night evenings when I can’t focus on actually watching a streaming show or movie that I have not already viewed. Did I confess the title? It is “Revenge Wears Prada.” It is all about superficial and fictitious happenings in the fashion world. It seems rather “apropos” considering the fact that our physical office is kitty-cornered with a “shi-shi” mall featuring top fashion designers like Hermes and Tory Burch. And, I will forever honor Kate Spade.  On a side note, recently, while on a walk, my poodle pooped right in front of Louis Vuitton. Now SHE has class. The picture commemorates it.
  3. Work is refreshed. Ah…this is one of the best feelings ever! I was around my amazing coworkers today as we are reconnecting after much-needed breaks and changes in our workflows. There is already the anticipation of new synergy as we reorganize ourselves for September. We are scheduling meetings and beginning new initiatives with excitement. We are also continuing some downtime before the hype of a new season takes over the industry in our high-tech and face-paced working environment. Oh, and, I FINALLY finished “physically” reading the book Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella. It was a perfect theme for this summer. My biggest “take away” from that was gaining a sense of how much he values compassion in human interaction as Microsoft’s CEO. He represents one of the biggest and most influential high-tech companies in the world and yet, presents an incredible human perspective to the work. He inspires me with the beauty of working with compassion as a priority.

So, what are YOUR takeaways from summer? What is in your doggy bag? Leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you!