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The SMB (Small and Midsize Business) channel on ( and its 87 locale sites need to be maintained and updated daily, as sites undergo substantial content and code changes on a regular cadence, 24 hours a day, on a local and global basis.

Of all the Microsoft channels, the SMB sites are most like regular web daily publications with campaigns and initiatives that rival and often exceed those of the main site in terms of frequency, complexity and revision.

The fact is that many International locales view the /business/ channel as the primary communication channel for Microsoft, beyond products featured through the Home Page. In the international realm, /business/ is the most important and active channel on a locale’s Microsoft platform—it’s the way the world does business with Microsoft.

There are many technical codebase changes that require the Redmond We team’s (GMOPRO) skillset and the GMOPRO team experience and the same code changes need to be leveraged along with the content updates, to the offshore resources that are usually tasked with publishing the content. Some connection needs to be made between the local team of the We front-end producers, offshore resources, Microsoft information technology and other outside vendors. This is so that the tasks for metrics, media and marketing are understood by the roles involved. We make sure that connections are made between code and content over the spread of those 87 locales.


Our team is responsible for the coordination of all the resources needed to maintain the SMB sites. We provide technical expertise and production to update global code on the site, refresh content, create new user interface experiences (chat, blogs, video, surveys, tagging and metrics) for both the US and subsidiary sites. And, beyond that, it is important that expertise be shared with respective vendors involved in publishing. Our expertise is needed to address the absence of formal training. Our specialized skill set is critical for the balance between the We team’s production work and must be provided before the offshore publishing tasks are quickly lost with all resources taxed (here and offshore) in troubleshooting, repair mode, triaging issues and being randomized by individual site issues.

The GMOPRO We team established a formal meeting and online training schedule with a program that connects offshore resources in an efficient cadence. It serves as an informational exchange which includes specific trainings, announcements and discussion of code changes. It is a consistent link and exchange serving as a forum for offshore resources to query and discuss with the GMOPRO We team about new and revised code with relevant content changes, on a global basis. The resulting trust, alignment and collaboration is fostered, allowing for a free and non-territorial exchange between teams. This benefits all stakeholders among Microsoft’s SMB sites.


By taking the initiative to establish this process, We ensures that knowledge and processes are shared and agreed upon between the technical GMOPRO team, publishing (offshore SMSCs) and other campaign-specific vendors. This “collective” functions effectively as a unified team, driving development for the sites on the Redmond side and publishing localized content updates on the offshore side. Simultaneously, We manages all update and publishing efforts on the EN and international sites with consistency.

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