Our team of consultants helps clients generate business growth in any part of the world. We create methods that lead to workflows and execution plans to enable the promotion and expansion of your products across borders.

Thought Leadership – Valente consultants are critical thinkers with a point of view that assembles years of industry experience to help you position your company properly in the market. That process may result in a roadmap to help clients determine their business strategy, plan and execute effective campaigns, or make optimal business-focused decisions.

Internationalization – Our technical program managers in internationalization (I18N) are advocates for users world-wide ensuring the program is truly global. It involves working with a wide range of internal engineering teams to drive and improve global-ready development practices. We are passionate about I18N and have tons of experience in software development, inclusion strategies, and mobile technologies.

Project & Program Management – Our consultants lead cross-functional engineering teams of Test, Operations, etc. from initial concept to production and release. At the same time, they meet program goals for product performance, quality, safety/compliance regulatory requirements, product cost, schedule, and development budget. They are also responsible for coordination with Product Planning, Marketing, etc. to help define the product.

Execution Planning –  this is the “what”, “why”, and “how”, or documenting the use of strategic thinking to define launch plans for a service, project, product, or any process that needs to be tracked, measured, and delivered.  Communications among all involved in the lifecycle of the project find their definition and workflow to coordinate a successful release.


Our consultants provide solid marketing communications, project management, and campaign advertising background with an eye for strong creative content in this role, as storytelling is important to all companies.  We develop, implement and execute marketing plans and programs to grow your business, drive traffic, and increase brand awareness.

Content Development and Management – Our creative and technical writers author and curate content that is a critical component in the overall company marketing strategy, from marketing materials all the way through to troubleshooting articles. They ensure that the content they author and curate, fits into the greater messaging.  We work alongside content partners across marketing, sales, evangelism, engineering, services, international, and others, to engender beautiful content that helps you strengthen your brand. And we help you manage the volume of content.

Campaign Deployment – We help you promote your own message.  We create and tailor messages to your target consumers (which we will help you define) via storytelling, a smart business strategy, and many other modern ways to find the heart to your clientele – to touch them directly. We will help you decide the vehicle for your campaign whether it be a landing environment, a social strategy, a new site, or all of the above.

Audience Engagement – Our consultants’ first audience engagement strategy consists in dividing your audience into sub-segments. Each sub-segment will be subject to a distinct strategic communication and message. We help you define your communication strategy for interacting with the audience, whether it be via social media, email marketing, campaigns, special coding, video, mobile-friendly platforms, SEO.

Digital, Multi-Segment Marketing – We partner with you to segment your audience by demographics, job title, geographies and other criteria that will help convey custom messaging to the right ears for optimal ROI and impact.


Our consultants will help you assess and strategize on your company’s digital customer experience across mobile, tablet and desktop, and provide a framework for future improvements via their knowledge of marketing technologies. They can also evaluate existing online customer experience research, the competitive landscape, industry trends, and then drive and manage milestones to ensure that your strategy is implemented according to vision and execution plan.

Content Strategy – our core team specializes in content planning, development, writing, publishing and management. We know how to adapt content management systems to clients’ specific needs so that they enhance and optimize your message and reach. Our multi-segment marketing approach is a component of this strategy which allows us to target our audience for optimal results.

E-commerce –  The source of new customers is e-commerce. Our team can design a roadmap that will help you increase your company’s revenue. We can also design, implement, and deploy E-commerce platforms, product sites and content that cater to your customers and your business.

Site Development & Launch – Our consultants are technical producers and site managers who develop, build, produce, manage websites, and coordinate the site local and global roll-out.  They know how to collaborate with headquarters and subsidiary internal stakeholders to track and optimize execution of site publishing processes.  They will engineer and manage your websites while supporting the overall site vision and ensuring a quality customer experience.

Site Maintenance & Management Valente creates a sustainable workflow for development, management and maintenance of US and international sites. We help customers launch their global customer campaigns or maintain the freshness of their evergreen sites by leveraging our resources of developers, technical producers, QA engineers, and project managers.


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