Nothing says “friendly” like seeing a coworker’s dog hopping up on our home office trampoline! Experience it for yourself at the Valente Loft! The Valente Loft is our open office space full of chilled-out spaces for dogs, comfy furniture, hardworking team members and a fridge stocked with delicious drinks. We are a “remote” team, but we still need a comfortable place to gather. So, we have created this home base for meetings, conferences and happy hours. The Valente Loft is a place to go when you need a warm welcoming space to buckle down in work. In Valente fashion, we have filled the space with exercise balls, a trampoline and magazines to foster creativity and fuel inspiration.

While it seems like a place to come and play, we also have desk space, monitors and office necessities – everything needed to bury ourselves in email and plan the day’s work. If you stop by the Valente Loft on a Monday or Wednesday, you will more than likely find the team gathered in the conference room or sitting in the lounge space, discussing the latest business strategies over sushi. Valente promotes work/life balance, and, as part of this, we believe in providing the most comfortable space for our team members.

When we want to get work done and yet experience a social setting, we come here to focus in a bright place surrounded by our awesome Valente community. With our cheerful white furniture and massive windows, the loft is open to you, our team of consultants to use individually or the entire conference room for meetings. If you work with us, we consider you a part of our team, our community and our family. We want you to feel you have a home base. Hop in your car (during non-traffic hours of course), buckle in your pups, grab a snack and pop some champagne with us once you get here, if the time is right. Which, let me say, it is most often the time. See you soon!

Julie Flora, Account Manager