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Improve your success rate with online applications

by Michelle Binkowski | September 19, 2018

We are in the business of hiring and can always use advice on how to improve responses to applications.  Here are 6 tips for getting a better response with online applications/job board tools: Make sure your resume and LinkedIn profiles are aligned and filled with keywords in the summary (around 150-200 words hand help a job board categorize you and give recruiters a good picture of your background and expertise. Make sure your resume matches and reflects alignment with the…

Summer Takeaways: What’s in your late summer “doggy bag”?

by Michelle Binkowski | August 29, 2018

The warmth and longing for the lingering days of late summer must be savored before embracing the gifts of the fall season. Yes, fall is coming. We are near to the unofficial end of summer when school starts. Can it be that time already? More, please. This is a perfect time to focus on the take-aways from summer. What gifts did summer bring you this year? What did you stuff in your summer “doggy bag?” Here are a few of…

Home Base Office Space

by Valente | August 24, 2018

Nothing says “friendly” like seeing a coworker’s dog hopping up on our home office trampoline! Experience it for yourself at the Valente Loft! The Valente Loft is our open office space full of chilled-out spaces for dogs, comfy furniture, hardworking team members and a fridge stocked with delicious drinks. We are a “remote” team, but we still need a comfortable place to gather. So, we have created this home base for meetings, conferences and happy hours. The Valente Loft is…

What is transparency?

by Michelle Binkowski | June 28, 2018

What exactly is “transparency?” If you date back to the days with the original Saturday Night Live cast (Steve Martin and Bill Murray), you might recall the skit “What the hell is that?” Seriously, though, this buzz word is showing up in headlines and conversations everywhere, along with the phrase “Join the conversation.” Okay, so let’s join the conversation about transparency for an authentic look at what this all means to us in our modern world. This is the Bing…

Need some game changers at work?

by Michelle Binkowski | June 18, 2018

The following 12 tips have significantly increased my personal effectiveness and productivity. Share what works for you too! 12 game changers at work: Use the 2-minute rule. This is the biggest game changer I have ever employed in my work life for productivity. If something can be done in 2 minutes or less, do it now and do not waste the time of adding it to a task list. I stretch this to 4-minute items and sometimes 10-minute items. It…

Ashley is second from the left with her family in Leavenworth, WA.
An inside look into the life and work of Ashley Travis, Valente’s Finance Manager

by Valente | February 3, 2018

Valente is like an extension of your family. We know and support each other to live inspired lifestyles.

Always a reason to celebrate

by Michelle Binkowski | January 24, 2018

For many consulting companies working with a particular company that shall remain nameless in Redmond, Washington, the spring months are coupled with a bit more stress and fewer hours of sleep than the rest of the year. Questions lurk in the air until we nail down answers as quickly as possible: Will contracts be renewed? When will we know each client’s budget? Will there be a consolidation? What does our second half of the year look like? Just to name…

20 Books We Love

by Valente | April 23, 2015

A frequent topic of conversation at the Valente office is books–from our current read to how many are stacked on our nightstand. During one of our recent Corporate Team meetings we shared our personal book recommendations. The list covers fiction, business, history, self reflection and comedy. What book would you add to the list?   Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt History of Love by Nicole Krauss Daring Greatly by Brene Brown Yes Please by Amy Poehler Where’d You Go, Bernadette by…

Interview with Dennis Newell, Executive Director of the Valente Girls Foundation

by Valente | March 27, 2015

The Executive Director of the Valente GIRLS Foundation, Dennis Newell, is a constant source of positivity and wisdom at the Valente Loft.  I had a chance to sit down with him to chat about his career background as well as those who have inspired and mentored him.  As you’ll read, we are fortunate to have such a giving and knowledgeable leader running the Valente GIRLS Foundation with the mission of inspiring young girls to dream big and achieve. Dennis, tell…

International Women’s Day 2015

by Valente | March 8, 2015

Happy International Women’s Day!  In its 107th year, IWD celebrates and recognizes the achievements of women worldwide in the movement toward equality.  In some countries it is a national holiday much like Mother’s Day in which gifts and flowers are given.  Backed with this year’s theme of “Make it Happen”, we invited current and former colleagues, friends and family to gather at the Valente office to share stories of women who have inspired us.  You know those days you will…



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