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For over a decade we have provided technical consulting and staffing services in Program Management, Content Development, Digital Marketing, Globalization and Web Management.

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Clients trust us to deliver and exceed their expectations.

Valente is their right hand as we value quality, long-term relationships and a rewarding journey.

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Supporting great work is our forte.

We provide career opportunities, create jobs and build a positive environment in which our consultants can thrive.

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We believe in giving back.

Through our philanthropic efforts and the Valente Girls Foundation we connect with community partners to help work toward a better world.


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Valente Global Joins Washington Technology Industry Association

Taking care of our people, and giving them great benefits has always been extremely important for Valente Global. With great pleasure we would like to announce Valente joining The Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA). As a member of Washington’s premier organization for the tech industry, Valente has made an investment in growing and building your community. WTIA is the ultimate connector for the tech industry, bringing together tech companies of all sizes and stages, colleges and universities, and Federal, State, and local government leaders. As a member, all Valente Global team members are now entitled to a myriad of benefits we have assembled for you. Including advocacy, and member discounts. The WTIA also puts on several events monthly. All Valente Global’s team members now have access to events. Many are free to attend. These events promote learning and community-building, with networking and exposure to other members. If you would like to take advantage of this new benefit available, complete this form to stay current on WTIA events and happenings. Any questions regarding the WTIA and membership, please reach out to Diane E....

What is transparency?

What exactly is “transparency?” If you date back to the days with the original Saturday Night Live cast (Steve Martin and Bill Murray), you might recall the skit “What the hell is that?” Seriously, though, this buzz word is showing up in headlines and conversations everywhere, along with the phrase “Join the conversation.” Okay, so let’s join the conversation about transparency for an authentic look at what this all means to us in our modern world. This is the Bing search definition: transparent [ tranˈspe(ə)rənt, -ˈspar- ] ADJECTIVE (of a material or article) allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen: “transparent blue water” synonyms: clear, crystal clear, see through, translucent, pellucid  To dig a little deeper with Google to define transparent: transparent transˈperənt/ adjective (of a material or article) allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen. “transparent blue water” easy to perceive or detect. “the residents will see through any transparent attempt to buy their votes” having thoughts, feelings, or motives that are easily perceived. “you’d be no good at poker—you’re too transparent” Well that was enlightening. Being transparent allows light to pass through, it is easily perceived, conspicuous and unconcealed. This is clearly a value, implying that humans are seeking easy, clear understandings from organizations and each other. Okay, I get that. What a great thing to see everywhere. The benefits are awesome. Transparency can help us define roles and make decisions based on honest and open information. So how does this apply to business life? For me, it means that I expect and I am...

Technology Companies Elevating Humanity

Our Senior Vice President, Francoise Hovivian, published a post on technology companies and their pursuit of lofty and humanity goals. You can read it and comment here on...

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